Friday, June 18, 2010

relay for life 2010

Oncologist Dr Figuroa
relay for life 2010

hair growing out

all my days of treatment

I cant believe my treatment is all over, and my hair is growing back, finally no one says "chemo hair"when I see them, what a year it has been,

it is almost my 1 year anniversary of my diagnosis, It was so incredible walking the "Survivor Lap" at the relay for life June 12, 2010. I got to help hold the banner, newly diagnosed this year, survivors in front. My comrads and I (all 6 friends) held the banner, I cried my eyes out. I saw a dozen new sisters and friends that I had met throughout this last year, and we celebrated life and survivorhood all day. How blessed I have been to be able to meet all these incredible people, I never would have thought a year ago I would be wearing a survivor shirt and attending this relay. I just got word that my "Molinda" died the day after the relay of lukemia, I prayed for 5 other chemo friends just hours before they too passed away at the hospital (in the last 6 months), ending their years of fighting cancer. That hurts my heart more than words can say, to loose them in this fight, but I know they are in a better place with no more pain. I feel so much better now, my energy back. I am awaiting a shot to put me back into menopause, (I went into menopause from the chemo)I have since in the last 3 weeks came out of menopause, I could tell my hormones were kicking back on (the doc didnt believe me) so, since my cancer was hormone receptive, I can not have any hormones in my body, I will have my ovaries taken out end of summer, but for now I will just get a shot once a month. It is so nice to have hormones, I feel so much more normal. Well I will be a 41 yr old in a 55yr old body when they take my hormones away again. I have started a job working from home, and I am so busy I havent been on this blog for a while, I still meet with my chemo friends and every time I go for a check up at docs I meet more new cancer sisters. This will be my new life, but with a little bit more hair-thank God. I have walked in the valley of the shadow of death, and God has been with me, carring me thru to the other side to Life again.