Wednesday, September 15, 2010

last surgery

I had my last surgery on Aug 16, 2010, to remove my ovaries.
I kept trying to put off this surgery, and in June this year , I felt my body coming out of the menopause that the chemo had put me in. I contacted my oncologist, he didnt believe me that I was out of menopause, but the tests proved me right. Then I tried tomoxifin , a drug to shut down my ovaries, knowing that I only wanted to be on it for a few months with my new job , till after xmas so I could get my surgery done then. I lasted about 3 weeks on the meds, then had a crazy, dizzy headache that was unreal. I stopped the meds and all better, so I knew I was back to surgery and soon. I thank God and everyone's prayers the surgery went so well. I came out fightin and kicken tho like I usually do. Well now I am all better, but the overnight back into menopause really kicked in the insomnia, but it is getting better each week.

Well we have moved on to more important things, like our firstborn playing High school football, How is that possible? We are the proud parents in the stands, in amazement by the goodness of God on his life. We are so busy with 4 boys, and I am coming back to this world more and more each day.

I went to Jesus Culture conference in beginning of Aug. It was totally life changing, (check out their music if you havent heard of them, they were on the olympics and one of the top 10 I-tunes downloads in the world a while back) It is the most incredible worship music I have ever heard. The first night , during worship, I felt God take out of me all the emotional pain of going thru cancer, the second night I felt total freedom released on me, and the third night I felt such incredible joy , the JOY of my salvation. I cant explain that kind of joy, it is otherworldly, supernatural joy that is consuming. Now when I go back to my cancer treatment center , or revisit the testing center for another MRI, I dont feel any sadness about the cancer, it is completely gone. Only God can take away such pain and devastation. He is so GOOD.

I am excited for this weekend, Elijah's 15th birthday and Eric and I's 21st Wedding Anniversary, wow God is so faithful. Eric will take Ej to Reno for the air races for his birthday, to see all the Air Force aircraft, so he can dream about flying soon, and for our anniversary we are going to finally buy our tickets to go to Mexico (We couldnt go last year due to chemo) So we are hoping to go end of this year or beginning of next.
Then following weekend I will be a head speaker at our annual womens retreat for our church.
I will give glory to God for bringing me thru the valley of the shadow of death to the other side.I cant wait to be with my sisters there.