Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Warrior for God

I watched the wonderful movie, "Letters to God". about a young boy who has cancer, there is a part that the Grandpa tells him why,
"You are a warrior for God."
You have been chosen for the role of your lifetime.
You have been handpicked by God , you are the famous one,
because God has chosen you -the strongest, the wisest
to recieve the honor of being chosen as one of God's warriors.
Ride forth victoriously in truth, humility and righteousness.
Even though you are sick, when people see how strong and brave you are,
it makes them take a look at their own life.
There is a glorious truth,
God's truth, and it is our job to point them tword Him,
and if they turn to Him, they find the truth.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful victory?

My Machelle passed away last week, and by the grace of God, I was able to share with her a prayer of dependence upon Jesus before she passed, now she is at Jesus's feet, completely at peace and rest and healed.