Tuesday, March 9, 2010


end of chemo party

Well I am half way thru radiation, and it is fine, so much better than chemo. Every week I feel more and more awake from the deadness of chemo. I feel so much better. I am meeting incredible women at radiation. My friend came up for my birthday weekend and we went to Bethel Healing rooms, they asked everyone who had cancer to come forward for prayer, we went forward and there was about 10 of us, we started laying hands and praying for each other, it was so incredible, women crying, children with canes, it was so amazing giving the healing away that I have recieved. At support group my new cancer mom, Sandy brought a cake, and the night before my birthday I invited all my chemo friends to my house for cake and ice cream. What an incredible journey I have been on this last year, so many wonderful cancer fighting sisters I have met. For my birthday, Lalenna and I went to the hospital and prayed for my friend Molinda, who has lukemia, hers is so rare that they are at the end of chemo and doing experimental from now on, we prayed for her, it was such a special gift on my birthday, I went out of there feeling very blessed that on my 41st birthday I was cancer free thanks to God, not like my sister in that hospital bed, my same age, who was fighting for her life, and I am right there with her.


  1. Thanks for the call last week. I was so encouraged. And thank you for being a river of life for others and not just a pond to receive. There is so much life flowing through you and it is beautiful!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday our sweet Cyndi!!!

    Love you so much!

    Barb Alexander