Thursday, October 1, 2009

3rd chemo with God

Well the night before my last chemo, I asked all boys to pray for momma, Ashton recieved his heavenly prayer language, so all 3 were praying in the spirit for mom to be brave at chemo, that made my whole day. CHemo, Lalenna was with me and we talked to every woman who would listen to us, we prayed for everyone who would let us. We prayed for a lesbian woman who should not be alive today, stage 5+, Lalenna told her the reason she is still alive is Jesus wants her to know how much He loves her and we invited her to bethel healing room. I prayed for my precious sister Gina who was to have surgery next week, she got the pathology report back doc said it was the best possible report she could get!!!Praise God for listening to our prayers. We prayed for a woman who has M.S. and passed around my Akaine art book (for anyone who doesnt know about her, check out her website, she is a girl who draws about heaven and Jesus-it is truly miraculous) I got out of myself and was about others at club chemo, I had such a grace, the 4 hours went by like minutes and when we left you could tell Jesus showed up, everyone , even the nurses were happy and people's blood pressure was down!!!Wow thanks God for showing up at club chemo. It was the best. Next day Micah went with us to bethel and danced with Jesus, he got a word of knowledge for a pastor there, and we drew pictures of heaven and angels about mommy's bed at night to remind her that she is ok. I can see God's redemptive hand turning this tragedy into a spiritual blessing for my whole family. Eric is different, more kind, compassionate, serving others. Elijah is walking in HUge faith, knowing everything will be ok for mom. Micah is turning his sadness into creative drawing and dancing. Ashton prays everday for momma "God let momma have a great chemo, let her have a fun chemo." (hehe) Jacob is so full of love and joy, we just turn on the worship music and he dances. I am so greatful , I was only down 4 days this last time after chemo. Ist x was 8, 2nd x was 6, now 3rd x was 4 days, hopefully tomarrow when I go will be less. The doc gave me steroids to make it thru the first 4 hard days, and it really helped with nausea and the doc says it makes you manic, so I was trying to extreme clean my whole house, I was like the family dog, Eric kept saying to me , go lay down Cyndi, go lay down. Well tomarrow is #4 hard chemo, the last hard one-yayyaya, I am gonna have a party next week when I feel better. Then I get a 3 week break of normality, I will enjoy every moment of it, then 3 more months of once a week chemo, (this is supposed to be an easier chemo) , followed by 61/2 weeks of radiation (just tired), I will be done with treatments the end of Feb.

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