Thursday, October 29, 2009

gloomy day

Well, Cyndi has been doing OK with the once a week treatments of Taxol. It doesn't take as much time for her to bounce back, three days instead of eight but when she starts feeling right again it's time for treatment,yuck!.
My mother Donna fell last week and due to the amount of times she overcame hospital episodes (she made cats jealous) I thought she would be home in a couple days and we would laugh about it in some sort of morbid fashion. But not this time, I got the call on Tuesday that she was unresponsive and had hemorraging in her brain. My siblings and I had to make the awful decision of discontinuing the efforts of the doctors due to a prior request of my mom. I went to Reno on Wednesday to say goodbye with my son Micah. After visiting her late that night, Micah told me that all he remembers were good times we had with her and that when he thinks of her being sick that another good memory comes in and takes the place of the bad one.
That's how it is supposed to be isn't it?It doesn't take away from the anguish, but it helps.
We got the call at 7 am on Thursday, she had passed. Staying at my sisters house we had gotten up early so we could get down to the hospital and my sister knew what the call was about. When I arrived at the hospital, my step dad Keith was reading the bible aloud over my mother, tears streaming,barely getting the words out, it made me proud that he was her partner these last couple of years. It was difficult seeing my sisters in such pain, but I had a peace that is difficult to explain. I know she is in a better place,dancing,not needing hearing aids, singing and waiting for us.
Thank you Mom,for all the love you showed me and all the good memories. Your son,Boo


  1. God bless you, Eric, and your family. Keeping you, Cindy, the boys, Keith and the rest of your family in my prayers. May God continue to pour out the comfort and peace, to overflowing.

  2. Words fall short right now. We love you guys.

  3. So sorry for your loss! We love you guys, and pray daily for you all.

    Much love,

    The Alexanders