Wednesday, December 23, 2009

chemo at christmas

Well I have been puttin off postin this lookin for more pics we took, but anyways, it will be strange doing chemo on Christmas eve, but only 4 more chemos to go-yayayaya, I cant wait, I am so done with chemo. Eric and I went to the cancer support group and cried like babies, I was truly greatful for all the friends I am making in chemo-10 and counting, I would not have met any of these precious sisters if I was not on this journey. My hair is officially growing back!!!I look like an ostridge with feathers. I feel very overwhelmed and emotional doing chemo at christmas ( I think it is the steroids) but I can count the days till it is over, only 8 more sick days. I cant wait to get on with my life and move forward after treatment, what a long year, if someone would have told me last christmas I would be doing chemo next christmas eve I would have never believed them, well 2010 should be much better. I have my 4 wonderful sons as good distractions, growing and changing by the day. Life is very busy,looking forward to this next season in life beyond treatment. Merry christmas to all-Cyndi

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  1. Our prayers are with you my friend! Have a Merry Christmas!