Thursday, January 14, 2010

nearing end of chemo

Well I am nearing the end of chemo, just finished my 2nd to last one, my Aunt Cathy came up with mom, and only one left.YAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I was so looking forward to being done, it has been such a journey to self discovery. I am not sure quite how to live after it is over, I have been living such an extraordinary life, now I will just live an ordinary life. That will be great and I will have 4 boys to continue to raise. But I was living life and death, now I will go on to just live life. I have learned so much, I hope I have learned all I was supposed to learn. I am amazed how the chemo started out scary and lonely, and ended up a wonderful experience each week, because I would do chemo with my sisters, Lynnie and Machelle. It was like a party, we would laugh, and cry and talk deep talks, God is so faithful that it started out so scary and lethal and ended up so life giving and joyous. Only Jesus can do that. Today was Lynnie's last chemo, and next week will be mine, the sad news is that for Machelle, she will never stop chemo. I will miss our thursdays at chemo, and I will miss seeing them each week, so I will go visit her and love and support her till the end.

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