Sunday, January 31, 2010

after port out

Well I awoke today thinking of a dream I had many years ago, in the dream I was in a long scary dark hallway that led to Africa, at the end of the hallway there was a standing closet, I turned on the light and there were presents everywhere on all the shelves. I knew these presents were waiting for me there in Africa, but I didnt know how all the gifts were going to get in me. I realized that the cancer journey has been just like that dark long scary hallway that I was too scared to walk down, and I didnt want to walk down, but at the end there were all these presents, I realized the presents were my chemo sisters, if I didnt walk down the cancer road I never would have met them. I am so blessed to meet them, they feel like my real sisters. Janelle, Brenda, Machelle, Lynnie, Renee, Molinda, Winnie, Sally, Barb, Gina, Jeanie. They are all precious gifts given to me on this incredibly difficult road I have walked.

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