Monday, August 24, 2009

another short video

This is just a short video of the chemo treatment plus some pics, she loved having her mp3 for music and her favorite comforter. Except for the first attempt at treat this part was pain free and she is just trying to sleep thru it.

It's day three since the treatment and since yesterday Cyndi has kinda felt like s%^$. She really is giving this her all though and trying to eat (2 tablespoons is about all she can eat) frequently,lots of fluids and getting rest. I am sure it would be worse if it wasnt for all the prayers and support going her way, I cant thank you all enough.


  1. On day at a have a lot of life to look forward to. Stay strong Cyndi!! Thinking of you daily!!

  2. Pretty Cyndi... you look great. Keep on keepin' on. We all love you and support you. Lots of love from the Golds.

  3. Eric, this is great being able to experience more of this with you. The short video is a reality of what it is to go through this..thank you for sharing this most difficult time in your life. I love you guys.