Saturday, August 15, 2009

the chemo starts

well the medical oncologist visit didnt fair too well for my Cyndi. As with anyone who has to go thru this she is very scared (at one point told me she wanted me to do my back surgery first so she could wait a while but no way jose). We have to take one day at a time now,relish the good ,trudge through the bad. When I read her last post I have to admit I was very encouraged with her attitude, well thats changed a bit with the news we got on Friday.
Part of the issues she faces is the speed in which the doc feels we need to engage the enemy cells so i will give a timeline. she goes in tuesday 8/18 to the hospital for an iv cathedar that is put into her chest to recieve her treatments because she cant have all the treatments in her good right arm and she hates hospitals almost as much as I do and maybe more now. wednesday she goes for a heart scan (just to make sure the heart muscle is looks capable of doing the regime of hormonal therapy which is later on in the treatment cycle). Thursday the 20th we go for blood tests/informational session/chemo orders for hospital and on Friday the 21st we start. The chemo cycle will last 3-4 months, the regiment is she goes in once every two weeks for chemo (one treatment then a week off to recoup). once the chemo is done she gets a two week break then she starts radiation treatment for six weeks (monday thru friday every day) after thats done the hormonal treatment begin.
I want to let you know how grateful we are for continuing to pray for our family. Cyndi asked for some specifics;courage,strength and of course healing. We expect a miracle from this ordeal but only God knows what and how that will come about.
One other quick note;Please Please Please dont be offended if she says she cant talk on the phone and especially dont ask "why" if she says she's having a tough day,emotions are up and down so just be supportive. Thank you all so much and pray that she can get back on this blog herself as she has some insights to life and the Lord that are enough to put in a book (maybe later)

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  1. I'll keep on praying! There are a number of people over here praying for all of you as well. I'll pass on the prayer request.