Friday, August 21, 2009

Chemo Day

Well, Cyndi woke today feeling today feeling very positive and even a bit excited. I can attribute that to all the prayers from all of you. God's grace was upon her this morning like no other morning so far, it was easy to see. She kept telling Elijah she was going to battle before him (Mr Air Force ya know) which perplexed him a bit but what the hay,she was in good spirits. The boys prayed in earnest before we left and we prayed all the way to drop off Micah/Ashton early to school,then to chemo. We had been told to plan for 2.5 hours for the treatment.
As usual, it didnt go quite as planned. The nurse in training missed Cyndis port with the connection device so when they began to administer medication (different nurse now)it began to burn down her arm and chest. Since she didn't know what to expect,Cyndi said nothing,just bearing down gritting her teeth. When I told the nurse that I could see Cyndi was in pain she immediately installed another syringe and sucked out what she could of the missed dosage. This was the charge nurse now and she knew immediately what was happening,explained it and removed the connection to the port. Cyndi then spent the next hour or so recovering from the episode before reinstalling the connection. This time the charge nurse installed it and it worked perfectly,Cyndi felt nothing,except the ativan, which kinda knocked her out. Two hours later(6 hours total at the hospital),she was done. First round over, she says she feels ok and has slept most of the afternoon. Thanks again for the prayers and support, the next few days are supposed to be difficult, but by grace,maybe not.

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  1. I was so mad when I heard about this, I love you so much Cyndi and I got so mad knowing there was a mistake. I am so sorry. I really am.