Thursday, September 17, 2009

ding ding round three

Yesterday I had a chance to take Elijah out to dinner to olive garden (dont look at the calorie info they have on the tables now) for his 14th birthday. Cyndi had set up a surprise birthday at the church disguised as a youth worship night and we completely caught him off guard. Cynd wore her brite pink wig I got her (she has alot of fun with it) and she even wore it to elijahs high school. The boys and even Cyndi have excepted her beautiful baldness now and like to see her having fun. I will let Cyndi tell about her epiphany she had over the weekend regarding her whole ordeal with this disease. It is quite amazing,almost as amazing as I find her.

The other exciting news is that 20 years ago today, I married her at the Cal-Neva Lodge at Lake Tahoe on a blustery day in a small chapel (the wedding was to be outside but the weather changed that) packed with people.

I remember seeing her sillouette through the etched glass on the doors as she prepared to enter, my knees became weak when the doors opened to reveal my bride to be. I remember it like it was 5 minutes ago, she lifted her veiled face in which I could see her big brown eyes connect with mine, she smiled..............sorry,the rest is just for me
The chemo chemicals will flow tomorrow, the prayers of everyone and the Grace of God is at work here,Thank you all

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  1. Happy Birthday EJ, and Happy Anniversary Cyndi, and Eric!!

    Love you guys!! Miss you all!

    Barb Alexander