Friday, September 4, 2009

round 2

Well, round 2 of chemo in and Cyndi headed over to Bethel for a bit tonight. Feeling ok to this point but the yuck doesnt usually start for about 24 hours so she's livin it up. We had a little pre chemo party with her new 'sisterhood' friend Janelle and her husband at the park on Thursday night which was alot of fun. All the boys tried on Janelle's wig which was a crack up as you'll see and Cyndi laughed so hard she cried. Her haircut looks so good on her short I am sure she will be even more stunning without any at all.

I will probably get in trouble in trouble for that last sentence-Eric


  1. yeah,you're alright too!even for an east coaster

  2. Hey I see alot of joy in the midst of pain!! Cyndi looks are you holding up? I wish I could be there all the time. Liz

  3. Cyndi is doing ok, I think we found the combination of meds that is working,also the most expensive.the doc gave her two samples(enough for this round) of some newer stuff on the market for chemo,if it works as well as we hope,our luck will be the insurance wont cover it. no headache as of yet and not near as much chemo brain as of yet. I know now this process is almost a minute by minute deal and things can change. Please reaffirm with Cyndi what you see,she doesnt believe it,but if we all keep telling her, maybe she will begin to feel it.
    I am getting pretty tired to be honest,this is wearing on me,having the love of your have to do this really stinks!!

  4. I love the picture of Jakob.
    And Cyndi is rocking that wig and the new short do. I love it. It's so cute!!!!
    We love you tons and tons. Hang in there. Let Jesus be your strength. And know you have a community of people pulling for you.
    The Golds

  5. My mom's sitting here looking at pictures and loves the hair. Also she said she thinks EJ looks just like Cyndi with that wig on. I have to agree.