Tuesday, September 8, 2009

hair falling out

Labor day was spent our whole family having a head shaving party, all 5 men and me buzzed our heads, they look adorable, admirable, handsome, I look , well different, but good timing, because today day 19 just like they told me after chemo started, my hair is falling out. God give me Grace


  1. I send many kisses to your precious head!! Just think...your hair may grow back CURLY!!

    Love you!!

    Barb Alexander

  2. You have an awesome family to support you! We can't wait to see you in the blond wig! Think of all the fun you will have *smile* We love you! Mom & Meetra & Princess Rhea too!

  3. WE are praying for you in NY, and it is awesome to hear how united a force you and Eric are....the true oneness of marriage!!! WE love you!!!