Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day- (insert excitement here)

So, it's day 4 and Cyndi would rate as fair . She slept(or should I say stayed horizontal) almost the entire day on Sunday and she's back to eating a couple tablespoons of liquids for a meal.She usually has one main meal a day consisting of either brown rice with a bit of cheese or a wonton soup(thanks Liz) but the amounts are miniscule. My Labor Day excitement is she had me looking for this 'miso soup','got to have it'she said. well, I found a couple different types at world market and trader joes and triumphantly brought an assortment home and guess what? she doesnt like it, I really do find that funny. Some of you may remember back to a Life cereal commercial in the late 70's where a couple boys were talking about their little brother, 'mikey wont eat it, He hates everything' they would say. You better have thick skin when trying to feed someone going thru chemo cuz there is a 98% failure rate and sometimes it's better if they just get up and get what they want.
I think the perfect meal for someone on chemo would be to have a cup of hot water,add 2 grains of salt and stir, plain crust-free wheat bread and red gatorade (at leeast in Cyndis case). Yes, I am keeping up a little humor, if I lose that I'll be done for.


  1. Hang in there girl!! You are loved!!

    Barb Alexander

  2. Our love and arms wrap around you during this challenge you face in life. What a sport you are! Be strong and know that prayer hands surround you from all your loving family & friends! We Love you so much!