Friday, July 17, 2009

1 st surgery

well after meeting (the next day I got the news )with the breast surgeon, I soon was in for surgery after a bone skan and MRI that came back no other new cancer that we could find. I had a lumpectomy that took out only the lump in my breast that was 1.8 cm-small and some surrounding lymph nodes, this was because they are the first blood sourse that drains from main tumor in breast. It was in/out surgery the same day, and after 2 hour surgery, and 5 hour recovery (supposed to be 1/2 hr) I was at home, on pain meds. It was hard as a family to take in the news, we told younger boys mom is sick, and Elijah,13, about the c word. We all took the news hard, but it will be alot of hard work until the treatment is done. I am at a level 1 and after surgery , we found out all tissue around breast tumor is clear-praise God, but one of the 4 lymph nodes had a .5cm tumor. So now we are at a level 2 cancer and another surgery. Before surgery we were going to do 1 surgery and 6 weeks radiation, now chemotherapy added in the mix. I do not want to loose my hair, that will be freeky, but all my boys will shave their heads too, as support. Before 1st surgery I felt strong in God, alot of prayer, after hearing news I feel so in shock it is hard to process anything. I feel like this is a bad dream and I am going to wake from it. I dont have time to be sick, my greatest concern is the energy thru chemo and radiation to take care of my baby. I thank God for my best friend Lalenna who came and took care of me after surgery and my mom who will also take care of my boys while I go thru chemo, and my good friends here who come and visit me, it is a lonely place feeling like a patient more than a persoon for a week after surgery.

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