Friday, July 17, 2009

2nd surgery

Preparing myself mentally and spiritually, I soak in worship , and feel much better knowing there is a Big God who is taking care of me and my boys.
Some of the words I got before treatment are
God always PRovides where he leads. I can see his provision from all the doctors bills being paid to assigned the best doctor in town.
God will use this in me to help other women go down this path.
Help with my family thru this all.
I will go to oncologist docs every 3 months after treatment for a long while. God knows all, He sees all, He is not suprised by my going thru this, He is still God


  1. Cyndi, I love the blog!!! When is the 2nd surgery? Cute picture!! Love You, Liz

  2. july 29 at 530 am. is the surgery,ek was a bit flustered with the juggling of the dates ( we had three different dates)

  3. Hey this is Ej,
    Love Ya' mom don't lose hope. The lord will move in amazing ways through this expearience.
    With the Lord as my salvation and redeemer

  4. Your a sweet boy EJ. Liz

  5. Cyndi. I love that picture of you. Very fun and a great way for all of us to see you everyday and to remind of us of the bright young person you are and will continue to be as you go through this challenging stage.