Sunday, July 26, 2009

I just wanted to say thank you to all who are surrounding me thru this journey in prayer. I am so greatful for my loving husband who has given up his life to serve and hold me up right now in this difficult time. All my family and friends who are helping, calling and praying. As Eric noted God has given to me a miracle thru this already and we are only 33 days into this fight. If this doctor would not have took the time and located the extra lymph node, then I would not have gone thru chemo and the cancer could have spread. I feel God has given me a new lease on life, because He loves my children more than me , I should be around now to see them raised , so now I am like "Surgery and CHemo, bring it on!!!!" I am so completely blown away by God's huge love for me, He is meeting me every step of the way, each doctor appt, each day, I can see His hand in my life. I cant begin to explain how I am seeing His hand prints all over this journey, He makes all things work together for my good. I could blog a hundred pages on what He has shown me thru this hard path, but I dont even have the time to explain it all. I feel so loved by my father in heaven, I just thank Him each day for bringing me thru this. I know it is hard and I am so encouraged right now, but I know I have a big rough road ahead of me, But Jesus keeps showing me that He is with me thru it , holding me and taking care of me. From the doctor He gave me, to all the medical bills being paid, to the people that are taking care of me and my family, to all the people holding me up in their prayers. I am so greatful for this journey, I know that sounds crazy but God is meeting me in such huge ways, I wouldnt wish this on anyone, but thru it all I am experiencing the Living God. He is giving me words, and dreams and scriptures to hold on to when it gets bad, I am at the end of myself physically dealing with not sleeping much with an overactive thyroid on top of the battling cancer, but it is like when I am week then God is strong in me. I cant explain it, but I have four beautiful little faces to come home from treatment to, and a loving husband to stand with me thru this, I am truly blessed.
Ps 27:13 I am still confident of this, I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


  1. Cyndi, You are truly in the palm of The Living God. Praying for you and your fam daily.

  2. Will be praying for you, the kids are great, a true blessing for us to be able to help you. We love you. Liz

  3. You are constantly on our minds today and in our prayers. We appreciate Eric keeping us up to date..the technology is a blessing today. You are such a strong woman and a witness to God's faithfulness.
    Our love, The Hillers