Friday, July 31, 2009

Cyndis back home

Wow is all I can say. I had prepared myself for bad news on the pathology results for the 18 remaining lymph nodes she had removed on wednesday, dont get me wrong, I have tremendous faith but it has been hard news one after the other here lately so I was ready for more. No cancer in any of the other nodes,WOW! I thank God and all of the people who were praying for my beautiful wife. My other post told about the miracle of the Lord pushing the surgeon a bit harder to remove an additional unmarked lymph node that turned out to be the only cancerous node she had, if she hadnt, we wouldn't know about the additional cancer and the likelyhood of the cancer spreading to the rest of her body through her lymph nodes would have been great. Her road is still hard, she still has to do chemo, but it could be alot harder. An answer to prayers and Thank you all!
She had to stay an extra day in hospital due to complications but we have our Cyndi home now and I am hoping she can begin again posting here with her own words. I know that she would want me to say we love you all and thank you is just a small token of how we feel,words cant describe how grateful we are for your support.


  1. Eric and Cindy,
    We are so very blessed by your news. Keep fighting the good fight as we keep praying for a complete recovery. I know that your boys come home today and all I heard were great stories of how precious they all are. Your family continues to be a blessing!
    In His love,
    Melissa is in town and I know she would jump to help if you need anything-store run etc. 941-5702

  2. Love you, and GOD is good! Give Cyndi hugs and smooches from us!!

    The Alexanders