Sunday, July 26, 2009

just so you know

I wanted to let you all know how thankful we are for each and every one of you. The support and prayers have been amazing. Cyndi has had kind of a roller coaster week with ups and downs,frazzled emotions and the hardest thing of all 'how could this happen to me?' rolling around her head. I think that as the second surgery nears, all the feelings ramp up regarding the pain and struggle ahead.
It's early and I am already getting sidetracked, I wanted to tell you an answer to prayer. During the first surgery the doc told us she was going to remove between 1-3 sentinel lymph nodes after the lumpectomy. They inject a dye into the tissue that finds its way into the nodes and 'lites them up blue' in order for the doc to identify. (We found out what happened during this procedure not from the surgeon herself, but when we had a second opinion review of Cyndis chart). Here's the part I believe prayer guided the surgeon, she removed three "lit up" nodes near the tumor area, in the report it says she felt there may be another in the area and searched awhile longer. She found it, it wasn't lit up, she removed it anyways, it was the cancerous lymph node. Jeez, prayer works,our God has a plan for us, please keep praying for Cyndi and our family. Eric

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  1. Praying, missing you, and knowing God is there in everything. Grateful He has provided good care, paid bills, and a new work designed just for you Cyndi. God will use this disease to bring comfort to others through Him. May his arms enfold you, and His heart envelop you as you continue your journey. Keep seeking His face, and remember you are deeply loved.

    Barb Alexander