Wednesday, July 29, 2009

todays surgery

Well, the second surgery went well. She was in alot of pain for about two hours once she got to her room but finally got some rest. Funny how she calmed down,stories of her fab four boys. Things that make them so special,hopes, dreams and what the heck we're gonna do when the throngs of girls start showing up.
The surgeon seemed surprised she could do both procedures of the surgery thru one of the old incisions, I wasn't,people are praying for my beautiful bride. Lots of people. We find out on friday the results of the additional pathology reports for the remaining lymphnodes that were removed. That, from what I understand, will dictact the level and regiment of chemotherapy she will endure. I am still in awe at the quality of freindships we have, from people staying in our house to help with anything to people coming from out of town to take the three older boys for a mini vacation. The funny thing is that I didnt know what a blessing either of those selfless acts would be. Not only is our house super clean, it's relatively quiet and Cyndi could rest before surgery.
Cyndi got in to see my regular doctor on tuesday and he had some great (but hard) things for us to hear. She now understands better why she hasnt slept, off the hook anxiety,rollercoaster emotions, she has cancer. The thyroid thing is a minor issue that he thinks was partially misdiagnosed, there was no additional testing to say the thyroid was working right or wrong, it was high in the first test but just barely, so he looked her in the eyes and told her to focus on each day. We devised a plan of attack for during chemotherapy and she went home much better.

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